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Parking Garage

 Dock Square Parking Garage Will Save You From Parking Situations in Boston!

Dock Square Parking Garage is one of the many garages in the country that is located in Boston. Not like any other places where parking is not a problem, parking in Boston could be difficult because of the following:

Why Does Paying More at a Garage Makes Sense

If you plan to visit Boston, the main goal that you have is to visit some attraction, join events and enjoy your stay – and not to worry about parking meters, blocks that don’t allow extended parking and parking fines! Oh no, not those!

Definitely, parking garages like Dock Square Parking Garage are the answer to your worries. Yes, they charge hefty rates, but they are extremely cheaper than parking fines or repairing scraped fenders. So you are free to choose. Fines or parking garage charges?

Parking Pain – When Things Go Wrong

Unluckily, the Boston parking police troupe are the fastest on the planet at issuing tickets and believe us, you wouldn’t want to encounter them because they are like hawks. One second late and you’ll find a fluorescent orange ticket on your windshield. That is really annoying!

You can be ticketed for surpassing the time limit for parking on a particular block. Yes, that is even if you move from one spot to another. Isn’t it a painful event to have when you’re having a vacation? Of course, it is. But Dock Square Parking Garage can surely help you!

Awful Metered Parking in Boston – and Why to Avoid It

Boston parking ticket fines can be really expensive – from $25 to as much as $120 for some offenses and that would definitely hurt your pockets. No kidding aside.

If you made a mistake of parking in a tow zone or your parking meter accidentally runs of out of time before you return to your car, or you park in a ‘Residents Only’ space without any sticker, you would unquestionably receive that parking fines and it is awful.

Metered parking costs vary in every district. Back Bay has it for $3.75/hour and $4/hr in the Seaport District, while the others have lower amounts. Yet, even $4/hour to park your car is kind of excruciating to get from your wallet – so parking at one of Boston’s 9,000 metered spaces, like Dock Square Parking Garage is rather a good choice because parking at a meter can lead to pain.

Before going to Boston, make sure that you already booked your spot at Dock Square Parking Garage – so you can enjoy your stay and take happy memories – not parking ticket fines and stress.