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Reserving Your Parking Spot at Dock Square Parking Garage

Reserving Your Parking Spot at Dock Square Parking Garage

How To Reserve your Spot at Dock Square Parking Garage

Are you planning to go to Boston this weekend? Or perhaps stay there for a month with your family to visit a set of friends or relative around the neighborhood? If yes, we are sure that you are traveling with your cars and we don’t want the police to tow them away. Have you checked parking garages already? No? Why not?

People are surely piling up and checking in on how to book a spot at Dock Square Parking Garage. Who would not? It is an indoor self-parking garage 20 Clinton Street, Boston, MA. Aside from the ideal location of the parking garage, they have the affordable rates may it be hourly or monthly! So, what are you waiting for? You have to check the rates below!


  • Reverse Commute: $110
  • Monthly Parking at Dock Square: $435


  • 0-20 minutes: $9
  • 20-40 minutes: $18
  • 40-1HR: $28
  • Over 1HR – MAX: $40

Hourly rates vs. Monthly rates

There are people who stay in one place for like a month but mistakenly book for every hour every day thinking that it is much cheaper but of course not!

See this as an example:

$24 (Early Bird Promo) * 30 (days) = $720

But if you avail the monthly parking at Dock Square, you will only need to pay $435. You got to keep the $285 for your expenses! Isn’t that awesome?

While hourly rates are perfect for those who are just going to be in town for the day. They can choose between the Early Bird Promo or the regular rates mentioned above.

If you will avail the Early Bird promo, you need to book in between 5 AM and 9 AM and check out by 7 PM. This promo will only cost you $24. Isn’t it amazing and cheap compared to the $120 parking fine you will get once officers found out your car in one of those blocks for extended parking? Of course, you’ll choose this one.

Now that you are ready to go on a trip to Boston and decided to take which one to book, you can go this website to book for your spot.

Points to remember while booking with Dock Square Parking Garage thru Laz Parking:

  • You can create your account with them so that personal details will be stored for future purchase in case you want to go back and avail the service again.
  • Once you make a reservation, there will be no specific parking spaces that are going to be under your name, however, we will assure you that you will get a reserved parking space within the day with Dock Square Parking Garage.

For more information regarding how to reserve, you can check their FAQs here.

You want a hassle-free parking garage reservation and a safe and sound day for your car when you visit Boston? Then you should check us out!

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