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Parking Garages with Housing Facilities

Parking Garages with Housing Facilities

Dock Square Parking Garage- Housing

Parking Garages into Housing Facilities

Parking garages like the Dock Square Parking Garage most of the time turn into housing facilities. Condominiums and residentials are being added on the area and that is one of the reasons why parking garages should consider the design and stability of the building to be in favor with how it will appear when the parking garage is no longer needed.

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As of the record, there are about 500 million parking facilities in America for the roughly 326 million citizens. These parking garages occupy over 3.5 million sq. mi., an area that is larger than two states combined (Delaware and Rhode Island together). But despite having lots of parking garages across the country, a vision of a car-less future is still a thought. Do you believe that?

This might be unlikely to happen but once car ownership drops, parking garages like Dock Square Parking Garage would make its way into the same graveyard as fax machines and video cassettes – but would they? In this world where there is a constant change and everything can be invented in the blink of an eye, parking garages will possibly meet the same fate.

That’s the reason why architects should be mindful of the design of the parking garages that they plan. If they are planning to build new office buildings that will definitely last for 50 years, they need to pay attention to a parking facility that is “future-proof”, so when the time comes that the car-less momentum kicks in, they can repurpose this parking garages into residential buildings or condominiums.

To support a residential unit in the future, a parking space garage should have enough floor-to-floor height for living space and the associated mechanical and/or electrical foundation.  If they want to convert it into offices, recreational areas, or even a forest of tiny houses, the most important design strategies for such structures are flat plates and adequate space between floors. However, there is a big question before starting the construction of these future-proof parking spaces – how deep could these projects dig into the pockets of taxpayers?

Many believe that this would be an expensive risk and a suicide attempt to invest, but the truth is, the costs don’t differ from building traditional garages. The secret to this one is to have an insurance policy: it guarantees that the business won’t have a building that could potentially be out-of-date in 10 years if cars start disappearing.

A proper planning and costing would surely help in making a parking facility like Dock Square Parking Garage one of the many “future-proofs” parking garages in the country that can actually turn into something profitable in the years to come. Again, there are lots of possibilities that lie beyond the infinity.  Who knows?

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