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Parking Garage History

Parking Garage History

A History of Parking Garages

Do you often ask yourself where did developers get the idea of building the Dock Square Parking Garage? Of course, every person that you meet, every place, every little thing, and even events have a history, so as the Dock Square.

In the earlier times, there are not as many parking garages in town, but as more and more people got cars, the need for a spot to park it was growing bigger and bigger. By 1929, there were 23 million on American roads and that made parking a huge problem and cities were looking for a solution to park as many cars as possible on as little space as possible. This gave birth to building a parking garage like Dock Square Parking Garage.

After 30 years, around 1950s, the country was experiencing a parking garage construction boom.

There are 3 different types of parking garages that have been built through the years since the 1910s.

Multi-story parking garage

It was 1918 when the first multi-story parking garage that we know of was built. The parking garage was built for the La Salle hotel and was produced by Holabird and Roche. It was several blocks away from the said hotel. The hotel has been demolished in 1976 but the parking structure stayed. Unfortunately the parking garage was demolished in 2005.

Image Source: www.parking-net.com

Mechanized Garage

A mechanized garage is a whole lot different from the old parking garages where there are parking attendees that will take charge of your car once you arrived at the garage. The car will be placed on a platform and with car lifts and turntables, the car would automatically be moved to an available parking space.

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This is quite easy because you don’t need to look for your specific spot and you just need to hand over your keys and voila! you’re good to go. However, this type of parking garage doesn’t support one thing: your ability to park your car by yourself and to enter and exit whenever you want.

Garage with ramps

In contrast to the mechanized parking garages, this type of garage has ramps and you can freely move from one floor to the other on your own. However, there is also a challenge to build the ramps because they couldn’t be too long or too short and steep because you would lose parking space or you might not be able to drive up the ramps. This type of parking garage is the one that replaced the automatic ones. There are many downsides with this type of garage but it is more important to people because of its ability to let you park your car yourself.

Image Source: www.bulbs.com

These things are quite interesting. Do you have something to add?

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