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How safe is a public parking garage? A look at safety fixtures

How safe is a public parking garage? A look at safety fixtures

How safe is a public parking garage? A look at safety fixtures

For most motorists, a safe place to park their cars is a must, which is why many are willing to pay public parking garages that they deem to be safe and secure. Dock Square Parking Garage, located in the greater Boston area, is one such garage.

On that note, here are some of the safety fixtures that make a public parking garage a good choice for car owners everywhere.

Public Parking Safety

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Not just anyone can enter (or leave).

Most of the secure parking garages are incredibly strict when people enter their premises. Patrons who’ve paid are often given identification or access cards to show roving security personnel. These credentials are also required to be presented before patrons leave to prevent any instances of car theft.

Public parking garages are prepared in times of disasters.

From emergency stations to easy access to trained personnel, public parking garages are built with safety measures in the event of disasters. Many garages, mainly those underground, come with their own back-up generator to light up the place in case the electricity goes out.

Everything is recorded.

With everything being recorded on dozens of cameras and being fed live to a security hub, it’s easy for personnel of public parking garages t0 spot security threats in the area. Even when cars are hit by other vehicles, what’s recorded on cameras can easily settle these disputes, Dock Square Parking Garage adds.

Parking Structure

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Dock Square Parking Garage provides convenient and easy in-and-out parking and access for drivers near the TD Garden area in Boston. It boasts of a highly secure, 24-hour parking service that makes use of automated equipment and a dedicated onsite team. Visit this blog for similar reads.

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