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Driving exams: What every applicant needs to know

Driving exams: What every applicant needs to know

Driving exams: What every applicant needs to know

For many teens and young adults in the United States, getting a driver’s license is like obtaining the Holy Grail. It allows them to drive their car without supervision. There is a requirement, though, a rite of passage as it were, when applying for a driver’s license – passing both written and practical driving exams. Beware that even these tests are quite passable, they aren’t easy and require substantial preparation.

Driving Skills

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Dock Square Parking Garage shares with young readers helpful hints on how to pass the driver’s exam.

Study, study, and study

Many of those who’ve taken and passed the driver’s exam have claimed that they had more difficulty with the writing part of the test than the actual driving. The test will be heavy on topics such as road rules and signs. With the number of road signs out there, it can get pretty confusing. There are also parts in the written exam that ask testers what they would do in certain situations such as incoming ambulances or nearby road constructions and detours.

Driving Exam

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While this is much easier said than done, tension during the practical exam has been known to be the source of failure for many student drivers. Applicants should remain relaxed and focused on the road and the signs they see. They should also never forget the basics such as putting on a seat belt and checking the rear-view and side mirrors. Dock Square Parking Garage adds that a lot of applicants forget all these because they’re tensed up and too worried about making mistakes.

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