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Reserving Your Parking Spot at Dock Square Parking Garage

How To Reserve your Spot at Dock Square Parking Garage Are you planning to go to Boston this weekend? Or perhaps stay there for a month with your family to visit a set of friends or relative around the neighborhood? If yes, we are sure that you are traveling with your cars and we don’t…
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Parking Garage History

A History of Parking Garages Do you often ask yourself where did developers get the idea of building the Dock Square Parking Garage? Of course, every person that you meet, every place, every little thing, and even events have a history, so as the Dock Square. In the earlier times, there are not as many…
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Parking Garages with Housing Facilities

Parking Garages into Housing Facilities Parking garages like the Dock Square Parking Garage most of the time turn into housing facilities. Condominiums and residentials are being added on the area and that is one of the reasons why parking garages should consider the design and stability of the building to be in favor with how…
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